Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector

Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector

Syndicate (Tales from the Twisted Eden Sector)

A short story collection

Gabe wants nothing more than to find a way to bring his wife back from the dead, even if it costs him his job.

Norm takes on two teenage charges and people around him keep freaking out, but he can’t see why.

Flint gets his hands on a powerful bracelet and shows it off in front of the wrong people.

SYNDICATE is a collection of short stories by Lyle S Tanner. We follow the people in a world that must never know the magic it contains. The mysterious Syndicate struggles to hold the balance, and a few unlucky souls get drawn into events they could never prepare for.

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Tales of the Twisted Eden Sector is a series of short stories that all take place in different times to different people who live and sometimes even work in a very unusual place. The affectionately named Twisted Eden Sector is home to the busiest branch of the Syndicate, an organization whose sole purpose is to cover up the existence of magic and nothing else.

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Nokkers – #AtoZChallenge


There’s a term that’s introduced but rarely used in the series. I created Nokkers as a derogatory term to be used against a certain subset of the magical population. This group is comprised of people who were born with the ability to done one spell and only one spell with no training. They are unable to pick up any other magic than the one spell and they’re naturally very powerful with it.1

It’s a term coined by a man named Kendrick who doesn’t trust them. He considers it a “Knock off” of real magic and that’s where the term originally came from. It catches on in some circles, but it’s not widely used. Some of this might have something to do with Nokkers being a very small phenomenon, only occurring in one city.

It might also be because it’s not always that easy to tell whether or not someone is one.


  1. And yes, I do know it’s also used as a slang term for breasts. In this context, it’s also useful as a double entendre for one of the other definitions of boob. []
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