The dreaded google adwords changes 2016

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Recently Google changes their Google Adwords algorithm to show only 4 ads at the top of the search results page and 3 at the bottom of the results. They have eliminated the sidebar ads. This big change has meant that the PPC and SEO game has changed.

SEOs weren’t happy with these changes as organic search results were pushed further down the page. So in this article we are going to look at the winners and losers of the big Google shakeup.

First and foremost, don’t panic. If your running PPC ads, chances are you will benefit from the big shakeup.

The winners

Like mentioned above, if you are already running PPC then you will see an increase in traffic as ads showing on the top of Google are likely to get 14x more clicks than ads in the sidebar.

As a advertiser you now also get additional benefits of being able to use ad call out extensions, site link extensions and locations extensions, this was a feature only available to advertisers at the top of the pile previously. This consistency will only help your businesses, as you are able to provide extra information to your customers for the same cost as previously.

PPC ads now look more integrated and native. This allows the ads to blend in and increase your conversion rates. Ads such as Web Design Wales would look like part of the website content rather than stick out like an ad, and users tend not to like ads as much but over the years it has been shown that ads are starting to blend in more.

The losers

The losers of the whole system is going to be the people using SEO in the organic search results from 5-11. Websites in the ranking position of 5-11 were hit by a drop in visitors while positions 8-11 were hit the worst.

The changes to the whole search page mean that on most desktop computer screens that the first organic search result will no longer feature above the fold.

If you have been in search engine optimisation for a while then this will not come as a surprise as the real estate of search engine optimisation has been shrinking for a while.


In this update its clear to see that advertisers using PPC are the real winners while SEO organic results have lost out on some screen space as well as traffic. If your looking to run a PPC campaign on your business then now could be the perfect time. But I wouldn’t forget your SEO strategy yet as SEO is still effective and getting organic results is important to your business.

Best Web Design Services

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need to layout or re-layout your current website?

In today’s rapid world, web design is the front face of your corporation. customers select that internet site that’s more appealing and people-pleasant compared to the one this is old and dull. If customers or clients don’t get attracted in your internet site, they don’t stick to it. To make your internet site appealing and visually attractive for the customers, you need to collect services of professional and truthful IT layout business enterprise.

A good website can make or break your company.  One website provider we recommend are web design newport who offer responsive websites to local and worldwide businesses.

There are literally millions of web design companies to choose from when selecting a new web design for your business.  Selecting a professional design company can mean the difference from a good looking website that converts users into customers to an old, slow and ugly looking website that no one uses because its not responsive and its annoying.

before choosing a web development company you should take a look at their portfolio and compare it to others on the market, if they look old then don’t use them because they are probably using old technology that wont be good for your website, your users or your search engine rankings.

You should also consider price, you should make sure that you are getting good value for your money, this doesn’t mean cheaper it just means that someone offering web design for £250 that makes old websites compared to someone who makes state of the art search friendly websites for £2500 is worth the price.

A good website costs money, if you cant afford a good website then don’t buy a site at all your just wasting your money.  That may sound harsh but its the truth.  You are not going to get a professional to work for a small fee when that professional can improve the amount of customers your business gets exponentially.

Your website should be responsive to allow for mobile search traffic, it should also be easy to use, and run on a well known cms like WordPress as WordPress is easy to use and is great to keep updated.

If your interested in having your website designed then check out the company that i linked to at the start of this article, in my opinion they cover all of the criteria that i have wrote about above, they do great work for affordable prices.  If your interested check out their site, click here.


What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation is the method of increasing a websites search visibility on the search engines.  In this article i will explain to you what SEO is, how it works and how you can use it to benefit your business, so buckle up you’re in for a ride.

SEO is primarily used to drive visitors to your website, this can be for a variety of reasons but eventually it will boil down to making some kind of money.  SEO is used to convert visitors into customers.

Ranking in the search engines is vital for any online/offline business as essentially it is free traffic for that business and not ranking can essential break a business.  If your website doesn’t rank then you can bet your hard earned money that potential customers are spending their money on your competitors.

in order to rank in the search engines you will need:

  • A website that offers a good user experience.
  • A website that is optimised for your keywords
  • Social Signals
  • Quality Backlinks


User Experience

A buzzword for 2016 no doubt, user experience is massive on googles ranking factors and a website that doesn’t offer a good user experience wont rank as well as a site that does.  User experience can be improved by making sure that your website is targeted to the correct visitors and is mobile responsive.

Optimised for Keywords

You will want to make sure that your website is optimised for the right keywords.  Not enough searches or too much competition can mean that no visitors are landing on your website.  Without visitors you may as well not have a website.  So you need to target the correct keywords.

Social Signals

In 2016 your business should be on social media networks and Google and the other search engines know this.  Creating the right “Social Signals” can your websites ranking factor compared to a site with no social signals.  If you own a business then i highly recommend setting up a facebook and twitter account for your business.

  • Quality backlinks
  • Building quality backlinks to your website can take time, but by doing so you are creating a trustable website that Google will find relevant, and because of this your search engine rankings will improve.  Most black hat seo marketers tend to get thousands of backlinks to their websites which can help short term, but long term quality backlinks will be more beneficial to your website.



SEO is such a big topic that i couldn’t cover with just one post so over the course of this blog i will break SEO down into smaller parts.  If your interested in reading more then please keep checking back as i will try to update this site at least weekly.

thanks for reading, comment below.

Learning jQuery

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I know vanila javascript, i have known it for years but a recent job required me to learn jQuery and i must say i was impressed.  Makes javascript a little easier and quicker, and after using it i’m a massive jQuery fan, if you want to learn more i recommend you checkin out dev tips on youtube.  The guy has some great videos:

here is his into into jQuery